The back of a traffic sign with loads of stickers.

A skull biting a heart, with a star behind them. The characters “CEIVVV”. Sticker.

“The Freaky Friday Jailhouse Gang”, and a very colorful sticker with a drawing with four long haired singers.

“Jupiter Sunsets” and other assorted stickers.

Sticker. An illustration of a body.

“Life is better in bikini” b

“More coffee please. The Pocman”. And a face. On a sticker.

Sticker with Belarmino, a famous Portuguese boxer, now mascot of a barbershop. It’s an ad for a very nice barbershop in town. It’s the one I go to. It’s also product placement in sticker spotter. Hahahaha.

“Tutti Morti”, and a hand holding a skeleton’s arm and hand.

Tank top wearing police officer, with “Brolice” written on the shirt. Sticker.

Replica of a Patagonia sticker, with “Appennino” replacing the brand name.

“Be gay, do crime”.

Sticker with a cartoonish drawing of a man salivating while looking at a cocktail.

Assorted stickers on a wall.

Sad face sticker.

Two identical stickers, a cartoon face looking at us.

Marge, from The Simpsons, smoking a joint. Weed leaves coming out of her air. ”Marge Jane”. Sticker.

Pink balaclava with ears. Sticker.

A strange round furry head with horns. Sticker.

Sticker with “SUDDEN INFANT BUDDHIST NIHILISM”, and three little men.