A sticker with a girl holding a skateboard and a coffee.

Sticker with the words “Muy Bien”. There’s another one beneath it, only a girl’s head is showing up. There is water, a river, in the background.

Sticker with a crocodile’s head, mouth open. The name “Frankie Strand” written on it.

Sticker with a drawing of a very odd cartoony character. Plenty of eyes, pink.

Sticker with Batman flashing two “V” with his hands.

Sticker with a drawing of a crazy looking pink dog, riding a skateboard.

Sticker with a rainbow, and a heart.

Sticker with a slice of blue pizza.

Sticker with two hands mimicking “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo, but wearing 80s clothing.  It’s an add for a vintage shop.

Sticker with a photo of a man’s face. Wearing shades, and a yellow beanie.

Sticker of what looks a bit like a tile, a colorful one, and “@invisiblewalls.eu” written at the bottom.

Sticker with an owl’s face.

“ZNOR”. Sticker on a post.

Sticker with a photo of a cat, in purple neon color, with “STREETCATGANG HANNOVER, BRONKO” written on it.

“Sono Speciale”, sticker with a drooling man.

Sticker with a palm tree, an island, and a sun. Classic. The words, in Portuguese, for “what happens in Gandia, stays in Gandia”.

Sticker of an open vintage suitcase with the words “bengaleiro, second hand shop”.

Sticker with Jesus, and a crown over his head.

Name tag. “Hello, my name is: STR3TMATIC”.

Sticker of a mustachioed heart, smoking.