sticker spotter

Sticker with a pink unicorn, with rainbow horn, and the words “Stay Golden”.

Sticker with a photo of a Portuguese national football team player, with his head defaced.

Sticker with the words “Love Wins”.

Sticker of a heart with the words “St. Pauli”, and a cool classic building in the background.

Sticker mimicking the Burger King logo, with “BLK KSR” replacing the brand’s words.

Sticker of several connected red circles, on a blue background.

Sticker of a heart.

Sticker of a skull drawing, with petals around it.

Sticker with line drawings of a hand, a house with a candle burning inside, a crying moon, and a flower.

Sticker with the photo of a laughing girl.

Sticker with the drawing of a heart shaped cake, with the expression “F%^* You” written on it.

Sticker of a pigeon’s head, in a yellow background, his eye looking a bit like a vinyl record. The words “sound migration” around it.

Sticker of a cartoon frog dressed as a policeman, using his hand as a gun.

A roll of stickers with a very menacing clown.

Orange sticker with a drawing of a woman’s face.

Sticker with a very classic looking German fellow, and the words “Alles außer Frankfurt istscheiße” below his picture.

Sticker with the cartoon face of a frowning pig.

Sticker with a drawing of two women seen from the back. One is sitting down, the other standing up, naked, looking out a window.

Sticker of a classic sailor tattoo, with a ship and flowers, but the classic ship on these tattoos has been replaced by a Portuguese caravel.

Sticker with a drawing of a boxy pickup truck with fire on the back.

Sticker of a woman’s face. A bird sits on top of her head, his wings make up her hair.

Sticker with the words “D’outros Tipos”.

Sticker with some sort of “mechanical” creatures, with eyes on the front.

Sticker with a picture of Cupid, and the words “Coup de Vintage”.

Sticker of what looks like the face of Conan O’Brien, with rainbow colored tennis playing stick figures all over his face.