sticker spotter

Sticker of a leather mask.

A black and white unicorn, with a X for an eye.

Drawing of a winged man, in black and white. He’s sitting on a yellow moon, wearing a fake nose.

Sticker with a grinning face, and the word “teeth”.

Black and white sticker with an elephant and the word “Kaito”.

Yellow on blue drawing on a sticker with Sade’s face.

Sticker with a drawing of a pink cocktail, pasted into a blue tiled wall.

Sticker with the words “Retro City”, on a retro font, and a red/orange/yellow “road” leading to a red sun.

A very poorly drawn Leia from Star Wars, done in the style of a famous Jesus painting that was botched some years ago.

Purple sticker, with the drawing of half a coconut, and the words “Coconut concepts / Berlin” written on it.

Sticker with the photo of a man looking at us, standing in a room with a computer and a desk.

Sticker with a manga character, wearing a shirt with the word “Jiken”, and a hat.

Sticker of a anime-like girl, with huge eyes, and two other fading ones by its side.

Sticker with a yellow spider, designed to look like spider man’s logo.

Sticker with the word “RESAKA” (hangover) written in the shape of a glass.

A sticker of a bearded man’s head sticking out of an egg is glued onto a photo of hands holding a purple ball. Odd, but true.

Sticker for “Brasserie du Phare”, all in blue, with a lighthouse.

Sticker with “rebel patties”.

Sticker “you have my attention”, with a face with wrap around shades.

Sticker with a drawing of a monkey with a few computer monitors on his head. One reads “error”.

Big sticker on a window, with the words “Subvert normality”.

Sticker for a tattoo parlor, with a bottle, with what looks like a frog’s face on the top, and a skull with “arsenic” written next to it.

Sticker of Shepard Fairey’s “Obey”.

Sticker with the face of a bald woman, and the words “primero, tus ojos”, “confianza”, “piel”, “conocer” over her face.

Yellow sticker with a bottle drawing, with a heart inside.