Two stickers on a motorcycle. One is the Yamaha logo, the other says “Get Weed”.

A sticker in classic American tattoo style, with a knife stuck on a hot dog. The words “die hungerkiller” in a banner.

Stickers on a utilities pole. One has a crudely drawn face, and another a pair of eyes, emoji like, and “wach sein, da sein”.

A mustachioed egg wearing shades. A sticker.

A sticker with a drawing of a cat. The cat has a flower on his head. The cat is inside a box. The box has a heart drawn on the side.

“Let’s queer up the line-up”, and a frog surfing a rainbow wave. A sticker.

A cartoony frog with a camera around his shoulder. A sticker.

“K🌴B”, “Key Biscayne”. A sticker.

A sticker in the shape of a heart with the Texas flag.

Sticker with a drawing of a punk duck, complete with leather jacket and spiky mohawk.

A tiny squirrel sticker.

A sticker. A hand making a fist, surrounded by chains.

A tiger sticker on a motorcycle.

An octopus-like cartoon character, with goggles, and a 5 beneath it. Both stickers.

Cartoony face of a crazy looking “Leny”, wearing a bicycle cap.

Hartkovski. Clobber. Cats. Cars. And the face of a woman, in tattoo style.

“Burning Souls”, and a scary looking cartoony character, with many arms sticking out of his body.

A few stickers on a post.

“Sempre Solto”, a dog with a hat. Not looking happy. A sticker.

The back of a traffic sign with loads of stickers.