sticker spotter

A sticker with an APC vehicle, and the words “chaimite antifa since 1974”

A sticker with Catwoman licking her hand.

Sticker of a cartoony yellow faced character inside a brick wall. Sorry, can’t describe it much better.

Sticker with the word “Bleakness”

Sticker of a fat black cat with the word “Lisbon”

Sticker of a bald man having an idea, and the words “Bem Bolado” below him.

Sticker with the words “POW WOW Sweden”

Sticker for “Analog Africa”, with a two faced women design. On one cheek there’s a star, on the other a heart.

Sticker with the words “secret skellies society” and a pixelated skull.

Sticker of a crazy looking cartoon frog, sticking his blue tongue out at us.

Sticker of a cartoonish bird, with three legs

Sticker of the word “OYABUN” written twice. Once black on white, and another white on black. One on top of the other. You can see a river on the background, with a city in the distance, on the other bank.

Sticker of a cute astronaut, with a rocket ship and a planet above him. It says “WAGMI” above the astronaut.

Sticker with the drawing of a girl holding a spray paint can, winking at us.

Sticker of a blue unicorn head, with a triangle beneath it.

Sticker of Garfield dressed with a skeleton suit.

Sticker with a hammock, two palm trees, and the sun. “Hungry 4 party” written above it.

Sticker of a black car inside what looks like a sort of a vintage spaceship.

Sticker showing a hand holding a cup of coffee, one that’s spilling. There’s a word writing on the spilled coffee, “tattoos”.

Sticker of a tie-dye cartoon hand doing the V sign.

Sticker, drawing of a woman sitting down, body covered with tattoos.

A troll-like creature drinking beer, with a couple more bottles strapped to the belt. Above it a sign reads “Thirsty?”.

Sticker of a drawing of a man’s face. He has glasses and bushy hair.

Sticker with a geometric shape, like a small h, maybe a chair, and a human figure next to it, with lines all over it.