sticker spotter

A sticker with the word “MRDHEO” written on it twice, and a graffitied wall.

Sticker with a drawing of a bird, and the words “Tordo do Príncipe, Único no Mundo”

Sticker of a tattoo design, with a pig’s face surrounded by a flower. The pig has a third eye.

Sticker of a pixelated face, meme-like, in green.

Sticker with a girl in “Mad Mad” looking outfit.

Sticker of a cartoon frog dressed as Santa, carrying a present.

Sticker with two girls holding each other, hairstyles from the 80s, looking at us. The word “pleasures”.

Sticker with a photo of a man with glasses, with a filter applied, making him look strange and deformed.

Sticker with the photo of a wall with a street art piece. There’s a man wearing a yellow scarf, and a blue mask, Ukrainian colors.

Sticker with the drawing of a log.

A sticker with a line outline of a goat, and the word “GOAT” next to it.

Sticker for a pizza place, with a slice of pizza showing three layers.

Sticker of a plastic bottle with two red koi inside.

Sticker of a drawing of a robot’s head, with the words “A robot can’t think, can’t sleep, can’t breathe. But you can” next to it.

Sticker with a cute drawing of a girl with a backpack, looking at a red butterfly.

Sticker with the word “wanderlust”, and a landscape, complete with mountains, city skyline, airplane, birds, and even the sun.

Sticker with the drawing of a classic Lisbon house.

Sticker with a drawing of a couple.

Sticker with a drawing of three theater chairs, glued to a fire hydrant.

Sticker of a drawing of a grumpy old man, probably some cartoon character I’m not familiar with. Red background, white line.

Sticker with the photo of door.