sticker spotter

Sticker of a cartoon blue bird.

Sticker with the text “Palheta” and the logo from Philips, in red.

Sticker of a yellow cassette, with the word “dopesack”.

A sticker with a Japanese mask and characters.

Sticker for “Gandia”, with palm trees and a lighthouse.

Sticker with the words “Yalla Yalla Migrantifa”, and a fist.

Sticker with the words “Muy Bien” written on it.

A sticker for “Highlife - hempwear”.

Sticker with the words “Prost, mother fuckers”.

Sticker of what looks like a pink plastic unicorn gorging on candy.

Sticker with “1/2” written on it.

Sticker advertising the “mythical national 2” road.

Sticker of a flame

Sticker with the words “Juciy Joint”.

Sticker of a Minotaur-like creature.

A sticker with the word “PRIDE”

Sticker for “Pattuglione” brewery, with a bunch of vintage airplanes flying through the sky.

A sticker of an elaborate “eye” is pasted on top of a ad with a man’s face. All of this is behind a net.

Sticker with the words “you don’t need it but you want it buy it”

Sticker of a three-eyed serious looking man. His hair is blonde, with hearts drawn in it.

Sticker, a woman with long black hair, and tears rolling down her face. Part of the hair is tied up into two flowers.

Sticker of a trading card with a drawing of a player named Toy. Toy is, in fact, a singer.

A sticker with an APC vehicle, and the words “chaimite antifa since 1974”

A sticker with Catwoman licking her hand.

Sticker of a cartoony yellow faced character inside a brick wall. Sorry, can’t describe it much better.