sticker spotter

Sticker with the design of a classic swallow tattoo.

Sticker of what looks like a brown M&M, sweating, with a compromised grin on his face.

Sticker with the drawing of a hand and the word “Jopepo”.

Sticker of a rolled rolling paper, and the word “vonzyy” written next to it.

Sticker of a beer brand, with an illustration of what looks like a vintage Soviet (?) woman fighter, with a rifle hanging from her shoulder.

A bunch of sticker on a table. Hemispheric Views,, and a few others.

Back of a traffic sign with a lot of stickers.

Sticker of a bird flying with a branch on the beak, and the words “The Craft Corner”.

Sticker with the drawing of a man with a bird’s head, playing multiple instruments.

Torn sticker, we can still see a cat’s face, and a hand holding it.

Sticker with a crude drawing of a van with graffiti, in front of a brick wall, and a moon.

Sticker with a drawing of a flower.

Sticker with a colorful eye.

Sticker with a barely visible drawing of a heart.

Sticker with a simple drawing of a gorilla.

Sticker with the words “Slava Ukraini” in Ukrainian.

Sticker with the words “The Sardinfluencer”, and a drawing of a bearded man with glasses, and a beanie with three sardines sticking out.

A sticker with the word “Bravery”, and another one with a smiley.

Sticker with the drawing of a sad cat. Probably some character I’m not familiar with.

Sticker with the drawing of a globe, and the word “Trippin” written over it.

Sticker of a heart.

Sticker with a cute figure, and two sugar cubes above it. The words, in Portuguese, “Sweeten my day, ask me about my pronouns”.

Sticker with the face of a monkey showing up. The sticker is nearly destroyed.

Sticker with the words “A Goat on Fire”, and the drawing of a goat standing on top of a burning pile of trash.