sticker spotter

Sticker for Korkie Crew 1996.

Sticker with a drawing of a man falling down.

Sticker with a blue face.

A red star, on a black and white shield, over a rainbow circle. A sticker.

Sticker with a balaclava, and the words “wear the right masks”, along with “passa montanha”, the Portuguese words for balaclava.

Sticker mimicking a football card, for “Shaka Khan”, from Estoril Praia, made in cartoon style.

Sticker with the drawing of a clenched fist.

Sticker with a big smiley.

Sticker with “Broke Pitch”.

A cat licking himself, with “slurp slurp slurp” written above it.

A flower stuck to the map of a country, on a sticker.

Sticker with the words “Tjongo Grease”, and a drawing of a river with a scared face, and extreme heat coming out of his groin.

A hand with the knuckles facing us, and “da chicthief” over it.

“Vandals on holidays - eternal tourists”, written around an image that looks like an atom, but with spray paint cans.

Sticker with the drawing of a man’s face, full of color, and the word “tempoparatudo” (timeforeverything) written on it.

Sticker with a green yoga master, holding a pencil in one hand, and a joint in the other. He has a tiny orange hat, and a big white beard with the words “magic bum” written upside down.

Sticker with a smily mouth and eyes, and the words “Thank you”.

Spooky kid’s face on a sticker, with “unlock” written beneath it.

Sticker with a drawing of a red haired woman holding a vinyl LP covering her face, and the words “missin red”.

Sticker of a drawing of a woman eating a very large bao.

Sticker with a very colorful crocodile drawing.

Sticker with the top of a man’s head, his eyes are showing, and he’s wearing a yellow cap.

Sticker with a drawing of two men holding hands while walking, and the words (in Spanish) “love is love. Period.”

Sticker with a drawing of hands doing a shadow goat.

Sticker with a drawing of two men, shaking hands. One asks “you are you doing?”, the other, clothes on fire, says “yes”.