“Rozer Geist”

Crudely drawn heart with eyes and a mouth, in a sticker.

Colorf sticker with “Gang Gang Club”.

Sticker with a tattoo like design, a woman with a flower in her head.

A brain with an eye, “Awake and Focused”. Drawing. Sticker.

Sticker with “good vibes”.

“You look like I need a drink”

Sticker with an intricate design, a cat, a fish, the moon and some stars, and the year 2023, as well as the words “VI CT OR TA TT OO ZZ”.

A hand holding a bearded man’s head by the hair. Sticker, drawing.

Little red riding hood, with red boxing gloves, fighting the wolf. Sticker.

Big sticker, with a full body drawing of a person, head replaced by a flower.

Drawing of a girl’s face, with a leopard print cowboy hat.

Drawing of a man struggling with an umbrella in the wind. The words “boycott umbrellas, get wet”.

Sticker with the words “make art not war”. Handwritten.

“join the revolution heart”, and a heart made of eyes, smaller hearts, marijuana leaves, fists, clouds,…

Four rainbow heart stickers, placed in such a way that it looks like a rainbow flower.

Sticker in the style of Fight Club’s soap, with “Zuloxx Club” written on it, instead of the original.

Sticker of a smiley, and a star/compass around it.

Sticker with a yellow shape, somewhat like a classic ghost, with two dots for eyes, and three stripes coming down from the eyes. Odd, I know.

Sticker with a woman’s face, orange background, and strokes of different colors around her face.